The Creatieve code give substance to 21st century
skills by connecting creativity and technology

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De creatieve code

'The Creative Code' is a learning program creative programming in which students become aware of the code which our digital world is built out of, teach them to question the world as an artist and to reflect on and respond creatively. Together with artists, programming languages are discovered and applied, in the end this creates artworks. The project is aimed at students in the last years of primary school and students in the first grades of secondary education.

creativity and technology

By linking creativity and technology, the Creative Code gives substance to what is 21st century skills are called, a term which is currently high in education on the agenda. This involves creativity, collaboration and digital literacy. Moreover, the creative code is an example of interdisciplinary and project-based learning by linking the arts, visual arts and engineering to computational thinking. Creative code is unique because it meets the visual learning of the Culturele Ladenkast, cultural competences of the Cultuurloper and SLO learning programming of Kennisnet and the PO raad.

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