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Goed Wijzer

Goed Wijzer is a clock reading experience for children, age 7 to 9 years, in primary school education. Goed Wijzer enables children to learn autonomous with their preferred method in the classroom, combining todays technological possibilities with embodied learning.  The product consists of an application which is controlled by a physical clock with tools. Goed Wijzer is now fully working and tested within primary school de Driestam in Eindhoven.

more than a clock

The “design for education” design vision and the product Goed Wijzer have led to a design method. The goal of Goed Wijzer is that it won’t stay a stand-alone product, but forms the basis of a (future ) product range of Studio Tast. These (future) products will form a system with which teachers and students can interact. So they can grown and learn motivated in their own preferred way and on their own tempo. Each product will focus on a specific topic and will again exist of physical and digital elements.
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Studio Tast, own concept
Interactive lesson material