The goal of the Nijmegen innovation agenda ‘Ieder Talent Telt’ is launching a movement to use our talents to help children and young people are who they are. We do this from a positive, appreciative attitude focused on flowing through talent development for all children and young people. On this platform, you can find all "broedplaatsen". You can work in these "broedplaatsen" in a developmental way with others to this objective. All "broedplaatsen" we see it as a testing ground in which we work on a social, collaborative, innovative, learning region. Working in the "broedplaatsen" provides new experiences, insights and connections between education - welfare field and enterprises.

What is a broedplaats?

The breeding grounds consist of new and existing initiatives which all people who are interested to work together. Breeding sites must meet three basic principles to be a breeding ground include:

1. The starting point is the living - and learn perspective of children and youth. We are positive and facing each other and developmental work.
2. There is cooperation between several care - education - welfare organizations and companies in the region. There is always a collaboration between multiple disciplines. We are working on inter-professional and multi-disciplinary collaboration. This is produced by learning with and from each other.
3. We learn by doing. The breeding grounds are tried out various forms of cooperation. We are guided by curiosity, the way we search for what works (appreciate) and how we can encourage one another.

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HAN     Gemeente Nijmegen
2016 - 2017
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Ieder talent telt