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WE ARE Studio Tast

Studio Tast is a design agency specialised in education innovation. Our passion lies in designing innovative and contemporary (teaching) materials, platforms and tools.  Hereby thinking and doing are centralised and online and offline learning meets each other. With these products, we make it possible to encourage everyone on his / her own learning style and level. This allows people, young and old, to learn actively with fun and motivation.

To accomplish this we operate from a design thinking philosophy and an embodied learning method. In addition, we apply innovative technologies and designs to bring learning to life. This allows us correspond to different learning styles.


Besides our own products, we like to work on developments for other parties to innovate together.
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physical lesson material

We develop products from idea to producible products. This can be just a physical product or a product which is enriched by digital components to arrive at innovative solutions.

Innovation questions & concept development

Sometimes the answer to your question is not clear. We go together to the table and translate your question into concrete solutions with initial sketches, prototypes or concept descriptions.


Many questions concern the development of a learning platform or a tablet/phone application. These platforms and apps are designed in house and programmed with user-friendly user interfaces and user experiences linked to learning needs.

learning paths & CURRICULUM design

Want to implement innovation in didactical or educational level? Then we can support you in designing, developing and implementing new learning paths and/or an entire curriculum.

design thinking

We teach people to think in possibilities, by applying design thinking Design thinking offers multiple ways to transform a problem into a solution. We offer various workshops, lectures and product to introduce people with the design thinking mindset.


We support in developing product strategies and long-term visions. From this vision a roadmap with concrete milestones will be drawn up to work towards the new direction.

the team


We currently have no vacancies, but we are always open to new enthusiastic people and internship requests. Curious about what we can do for each other?
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our drives

In 2014, Mitchell graduated excellent as MSc. Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven with his design vision "Design for Education" and the product Goed Wijzer. Subsequently he founded Studio Tast in order to bring his vision and design products effectively to market.
Mitchell Jacobs is full of passion in life as an Industrial Designer and an curious enthusiast. As a child already an explorer of the world. He was learning and understanding the world through doing, which made it understandable by making mistakes, learning from it and grow. This investigative attitude became the backbone of his design vision: make people willing to learn with joy and motivation by doing.

We see an important role for designers in education, based on the current technological developments. It is their task to bridge the gap between existing learning materials and future possibilities. Studio Tast is specialising on the intersection between technology, design and people. That’s how we are creating an inspiring learning environment fitting the perception of current and future generations in a continuously changing society. Education becomes thereby a flexible and changing system, because learning can happen anywhere and during your entire life. To achieve this we operate from 6 core values:


Innovative concepts are designed based on user needs. First of all, problems and needs are being identified. The next step is to design elegant and user-friendly solutions.


Creativity creates new “out of the box” insights which can give the concepts an extra dimension. Creativity is also about the freedom and diversity in use, so everyone can learn in his own way and speed.


Studio Tast designs from user needs. Active interactions with users take place to find the core of these needs. Activities differ from work shadowing in school, lessons to co-design sessions and design interventions.


The integration of all additional disciplines is necessary, besides the development of new concepts. Think for example of technology, didactics, privacy and usability.


Passion is the incentive that has created Studio Tast. Passion for design, education and technology. With the aim to develop innovative and high quality solutions for the education of today and tomorrow.


To achieve real innovation we see a lot of interest in collaborations with other (knowledge) partners. Together we can achieve more and create opportunities to strengthen and enrich each other.