How do you find structure in a creative process? How do you transform from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset? How do you apply creativity in your school, organisation or your daily life? Just some issues that we would like to tackle together with you.
Studio Tast helps you to find your inner creativity through creative thinking workshops and team-days. This allows your organisation to experience and resolve own challenges through a different perspective. Or be inspired by our vision lectures on education, innovation and design. Studio Tast has a few in-house developed workshops, but is always willing to develop a suitable new workshop fitting your needs.

workshop possibilities

There are a number of standard workshops that we offer. Need for a workshop or team days customization, please contact us.


We teach people to think in possibilities, by applying design thinking Design thinking offers multiple ways to transform a problem into a solution, where you focuses on the end user. All this, on the basis of applying different design and research methods, which can applied according to need. The methods are activities which help you grow, without having to know what will be the end result.This workshop offers an introduction in design thinking and allows you to apply creativity techniques to change perspective on your own or a holistic challenge.


You have already had an introduction in the world of design thinking, but you would like to learn how to implement it constructively in your organisation? Therefor Studio Tast organises in depth workshops to achieve these objectives. You will learn to find certainty in uncertainty and you will be able to translate every challenge into qualitative solutions through creativity techniques. The creative design thinking process is about process regulation, the conscious use of creativity and thinking in possibilities. Curious how design thinking can create meaning for your organisation, your teachers and/or students? Please feel free to contact us.


Are you active in implementing innovation within your school or organization? But do you experience difficulties in developing a concrete plan of action? Therefor Studio Tast organises in depth workshops to develop a funded design strategy. During this session different experts for Studio Tast will be present to understand, analyze and translate your challenge with you into a list of requirements. There will be attention for the development wishes of upcoming year, but also for the long term goals. The result of this workshop will be a design strategy roadmap. This roadmap consists of multiple milestones. Each milestone will describe the development steps have to take place at that stage of the process. The milestones provide a gradual build-up of innovation to work towards the final desired result. This will increase the long-term viability.
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